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Execute a Couple of Commands:

build and apply

torque deployment build prod

torque deployment apply prod

torque deployment build local

torque deployment apply local

On your laptop


Create Deployment Objects by Selecting a List of Automation Provider Implementations

torque deployment create local torque.docker_compose.V1Provider

torque deployment create prod torque.k8s.V1Provider

Create a DAG Representing Your System Architecture

Create Torque Workspace

torque init my_workspace

Choose full turn-key delivery or team-augmented support

Based on your needs, we help you get system components and their corresponding automations applied to different contexts, from development, over CI/CD, to deployments. 

An Example of Torque at Work

pexels-johannes-plenio-1103970 2.jpg

Make Your (Data|ML|Dev)Ops Fully Automatable

We help you

Your system, your way. Not a platform. Not a tool.
An open framework that adapts to your needs.

Remove bottlenecks throughout the full life cycle by making your system components work better together. 

Code Directory

All deliverables come as source code inside a directory within your codebase. More precisely, as installed code packages inside a directory. 

Unified Interface

All developers and engineers use the same few commands to manage all projects. Data scientists, engineers, and developers can start using any project in minutes with just two commands: build and apply

Easy Configurations

Make quick, simple changes to your system by configuring only the parameters you want to control. 

What Do You Get?

How Does It Work?

Slowdown  Assessment

We work together with you and your team to identify potential slowdowns in operations and we come up with a staged improvement plan. We want to focus on the most important parts first, the ones that will give you the most ROI. 

Staged Delivery

Torque's solutions are not all-or-nothing. You pick and chose where you want to start, and what the delivery will look like. We always propose to start with simple low-risk components to get you and your team gradually accustomed to new tools. 

You're In Charge

Once you are ready, we will bring your team up to speed with implementation details and management practices so you can continue to manage and grow your systems by yourself. You will always be able to reach out for support, but we want you to be in charge of your systems. 

Why Use Torque Automation Framework?

While there are countless tools that serve needs at various points in the software development pipeline, none can provide an end-to-end solution the way a framework can.

Unlike static scripts, the framework makes your components effectively self-aware and self-configurable, meaning your system can be built and deployed to any environment with any required functionality, installed in your codebase via libraries.

Through libraries, you can still run your favorite tools, or deploy to your favorite platforms, so you gain their functional benefits without manually managing their code.

  • Stop the explosion of scripts, notebooks, YAMLs, and other files

  • Work with easy-to-use wrappers and code generators

  • Automatically keep projects up to date

  • Easily upgrade scripts or notebooks

  • Keep deployments in sync

  • Deploy frequently for fine-tuning

  • Shorten cycles for retraining and deploying new models

  • Quickly spin up new deployments

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