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to get more free cloud credits

or save up to 75% of cloud costs
in hours instead of weeks or even months.

Torque's approach to handling software systems using the Abstract Software Architecture Model (ASAM) completely abstracts away infrastructure providers.

For the first time, we can utilize the "define once - deploy anywhere" approach for software systems. 

And the best part is that adopting Torque into your system requires less than a few hours of your input, no new technology ramp-up, and no upfront cost.

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First, what does it NOT take to adopt Torque?

  1. No upfront costs. Start paying only after successful adoption.

  2. No time investment. Torque's team prepares and tests the entire setup.

  3. No expertise in underlying technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, or Docker.

Now, how easy is it to adopt Torque?

  1. All you need to do is to sit down with a Torque expert for half an hour and give them an overview and access to your codebase and any documentation you have.

  2. Then, after Torque finishes your custom setup, you test it and follow the quick migration instructions (usually an hour or two, up to a day or two when switching cloud providers). 

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Vinko Buble

Co-founder & CEO

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Introduce us to the operational challenges your engineering organization is facing. We'll work together to identify if Torque could cut your cloud costs and lift you to the next levels of developer operations or if you need something else.

What is Torque?

Torque is a self-service tool to build, run, deploy, and evolve entire software systems with a single command. The self-service tool requires no direct DevOps intervention for day-to-day operations.

Torque's tool uses ASAM (Abstract Software Architecture Model) to de-couple software system design (application, platform services, and their relationships) from infrastructure deployment providers. This unique approach to handling software systems is 100x more effective than writing infrastructure code because it enables effortless evolutions of software architecture with a single command that does not involve direct manual intervention in build scripts or infrastructure configuration code. 

Why Torque?

If you need to undertake any significant architectural or infrastructural change to your software systems, Torque is the only logical choice 🖖.

Cut your effort from weeks or months to hours when

  • switching a cloud provider

  • migrating from on-prem to cloud

  • adding on-prem deployment of your cloud system

  • adopting Kubernetes

  • adding new services like database or cache

  • deploying new environments

  • adopting SOA or similar microservices-like architecture

  • going multi-cloud

  • going hybrid (simultaneously on cloud and on-prem)